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Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.

Gelion UK Limited (“the Company”) is a UK limited company which was established in 2015 for the purposes of commercialising a revolutionary and market transforming battery technology, developed and patented by a team at the University of Sydney.

The need for battery storage is forecasted to increase significantly in the coming decade due to the rapid growth of the use of electric vehicles and portable consumer devices, as well as high-scale demand as global energy sources switch from traditional methods to renewable power, resulting in increased intermittency of power production.

Gelion’s battery technology is being developed with this increased market demand in mind, in order to mitigate any scaling-up issues due to lack of resources, or limited applications of the battery technology.

Gelion is to have a market entry strategy initially focused on building integrated energy storage for the solar PV energy market and, subsequent to that, battery technology for thin, bendable batteries that can be integrated into sensors and wearable devices which need mechanical flexibility.

The Company has received advance assurance for EIS eligibility from HMRC.

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