Target Return





Offer Overview

St. James’ Construction Limited (“St. James’ Construction Limited” or the “Company”) is a new company established to provide construction services to the commercial, leisure and residential property markets. The Company is in discussion with a number of property developers, leisure operators and housing companies to identify opportunities to enable the Company to commence trading. The Company is looking to raise £5 million of equity funding for working capital requirements. This capital will be used to fund overheads (including staff costs), equipment, building materials, and work in progress. The Company looks to have a competitive advantage over other small building companies through having a strong capital base that will enable it to compete for larger contracts with small to mid-scale developers.  The Company is looking to pay an annual dividend of 3.0% starting at the end of the second year of operations and have a target return of £1.15 for every £1 invested after three years. The Company has received advanced assurance from HMRC that its trade qualifies for the shares issued to benefit from the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

For any further information please contact your IFA