Target Return




Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.

We are pleased to present an opportunity to invest in Aromatical Chemicals Limited, a UK based company, that is utilising an innovative patented technology which reprocesses end-of-life plastics (ELP) waste, destined for landfill, into a hydrocarbon product that can be sold as a range of chemicals.  The Company will secure a licence to operate the technology which uses hydrothermal processing technology to convert waste plastics into chemical feed-stocks.

The Company is in the process of securing a site in the North East of England, where it will build and operate a plant. The North East provides access to one of the most important regional hubs within the UK chemicals industry. Subject to permitting requirements, the Company believes there is scope for further growth by installing additional plants, either co-located as part of strategic partnerships with waste stream owners, or through securing other suitably located sites within the wider region, although this represents a smaller proportion of the plant income. 

The Company will generate revenue through two distinct revenue streams:

1. The receipt of gate fees for the waste: The Company plans to source suitable waste streams from a broad range of waste management companies operating waste treatment facilities in the region.

2. Sale of the specialty chemicals and waxes produced by the plant to be used as feedstock products to the chemicals industry.

The Company has completed several rounds of equity investment to support the construction of the first plant.  The Company is targeting a priority return of £1.40 for each £1.00 invested with significant upside potential should oil prices rise, leading to correlated increases in the prices of related petrochemicals and chemicals. Management only receive performance fees on returns above this priority return level.

The Company has received advance assurance for EIS eligibility from HMRC.

For any further information please contact your IFA